What I'm up to work and life! January 24, 2023

Welcome to 2023- What I’m doing in January

Wow – does anyone else feel like 2022 was just a WHIRLWIND? Well here we are in the first month of 2023 already! I have to admit, I’m not a cold weather enthusiast – yet I live in northern Vermont. While there are plenty of people out there hitting the slopes, snow shoeing and ice fishing, you will likely find me embracing the hygge lifestyle, cozied up to the fire reading a good book or cooking up a warming soup for dinner; So even though I don’t love the cold – I have learned to LOVE JANUARY and let me tell you why.

First – it’s time to take a really long deep breath. The hecticness of the holidays is over. My love meter has been filled to the brim with family and friends and I can take the time to be grateful for how my life and relationships have changed and grown over the past year. If I didn’t quite achieve what I want, or feel an area of my life needs work ( for me it’s ALWAYS self care needs work!) then I can set some goals and re-focus.

At home all the holiday decor comes down! I have “WINTER” decor, typically lots of greenery and candles and a few homages to snowflakes. Fluffy blankets, wood accents and creating that “snug as a bug” feeling is the main goal. It’s also a big time for me to ORGANIZE. I go closet by closet and re-evaluate needs, re-hang, re- fold and assess each room in my house. Is it serving me and my family the way I want it to? What’s working, what’s not working? Anything that I need to address as far as wear and tear? Now is the time to get is all done while the world is moving a little slower….

At work I’m busy as a bee planning out things like this blog, my marketing, taking continuing education (did you know in Vermont Realtors are required to take 16 hours of continuing education every 2 years?-it’s true!) I’m also busy touching base with all my business partners in the mortgage and inspection businesses to make sure we are all ready to help our clients in the very near future! But let me tell you a secret, while I understand that people want to wait until the snow melts and Spring flowers bloom to list their houses….NOW is really a GREAT time! There aren’t many houses on the market, so YOUR competition for the buyers is practically non-existent! I showed a property just today and there were 16 showings scheduled in 3 days! Maybe you’re thinking about and and say “Susan, I can’t get my house ready that fast” – that is WHY YOU CALL ME! I can tell you exactly what to do and I have resources to help you get it done FAST! If you could get into the concert of the year EARLY to find your seat – wouldn’t you? Why would you wait until EVERYONE ELSE showed up and scramble…you wouldn’t! This is EXACTLY the same…so if you are thinking of joining the selling party, I’ve got your secret early entrance ticket – give me a call!

Thinking about BUYING this year? Now is the time to start as well! Have you talked to a mortgage broker? Are your financial ducks in a row? Properties in Vermont are still moving very quickly, so you need to have talked to me, talked about what a great offer looks like, have your mortgage pre-approval or or proof of cash funds all ready to go to guarantee success.

So – pour a hot drink, grab a cozy blanket and lets chat about how I can make your real estate dreams a realty in 2023. Stay warm and cozy!